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A Few Words About Us

Cape Cod Women’s Association CCWA

CCWA was founded in 2017 with the objective to support women on Cape Cod.  CCWA provides social and professional opportunities for women to connect, share and network for business and friendship.  Our culture is one of diversity, inclusion, respect and admiration for all women. We offer monthly opportunities for women to foster and strengthen relationships, learn about and from each other and encourage, support and empower one another.

CCWA fosters learning, personal growth and development for all women. We believe in supporting women who want to stretch themselves to greater heights and need support doing that. CCWA connects women with a myriad of resources specifically for women here on Cape Cod. Our partnership with the Cape Cod Foundation helps us to serve Cape Cod women with scholarships to reach their dreams. 

Offering varying and exciting sponsorship opportunities for local large and small businesses alike is a great way to bring women of Cape Cod closer together.  Sponsorship of CCWA allows the organization to continue its path toward empowering and serving more women on Cape Cod.

Board of Directors

Katri Mullaly, President
Tracey Brennan-Reale, Vice President
Crystal Mucci, Treasurer
Kellie Farrar, Treasurer
Alyssa Gardner, Secretary

Committee Chairs

Vacant, Programs and Speakers
Kellie Farrar, Membership
Suzanne Dyer - Wise, Scholarship Liaison
Vacant, Volunteer Coordinator
Laurie Walsh, Meet & Mingle, Outside Events and Fundraising
Nicole Porter, Marketing and Ambassador
Patricia Anglin, Sponsorship Coordinator

Please contact [email protected] for volunteer opportunities.